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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Resumes At Work?
We're professionals. We'll get you the right exposure at the right price, quickly and easily.
Who do you send my resume to?

Only third party recruiters and search firms, commonly known as HeadHunters.

Currently we have over 10,000 contingency and retained search firms as our members.

Our firms range in size from the individual solo practitioner to the large multi-office national / international firms.

Why Recruiters?

Professional Recruiters make their living matching job seekers to hiring companies in specific industries and specialties.

A single recruiter my have relationships with 20-30 companies. Put their expertise and contacts to work for you.

I'm not willing to relocate, do you have recruiters in my area?

Yes, we can focus your resume distribution down to the state you live in and only to those recruiters who do placements in your field.

Your recruiter count will be less than most, but it will be EXTREMELY FOCUSED ONLY ON YOUR NEEDS! Since many recruiters work a large geographic market, you may want to choose neighboring states as well.

How much does it cost?

You can get the targeted exposure you need, instantly, starting at only $49.95,

We also offer several advanced features, which includes 3 industry selections and the option of FREE geographic filtering.

For an additional $29.99 we will automatically re-distribute you resume again in 30 days. You don't have to do anything we take care of it all for you!

What types of results can I expect?

Your results will depend mostly on your qualifications, salary, and location requirements, for the positions that the recruiters are currently working on.

Recruiters will typically respond right away to the candidates that fit one of their current search assignments, and will add to their database all other candidates for later search assignments.

How will I know that my resume has been processed and distributed?
You will receive 2 receipts from our agents, the first one detailing that we received your resume, the second one telling you that your resume has been processed and will also detail how many recruiters received your resume.
I want to relocate to a certain area can you focus my resume there?

Yes, we offer the option to choose 3 geographic areas at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, so your resume only goes to those recruiters who do placements in the areas you wish to live in.

Your recruiter count will be less that most, but will be EXTREMELY FOCUSED ONLY IN THOSE AREAS THAT YOU WISH TO LIVE IN.

Can I get a list of the Recruiters my resume was made available to?

Yes, for an additional $19 we will provide you with a list of those recruiters who were sent your resume.

This list is 90-95% complete as a selection of our members wish to stay confidential. This list provides the firm name and the state in which this particular office resides.

Why should I use a Confidential Email Box?

Choosing to have recruiters direct their replies to a confidential e-mail address from our partner resumezapper.com adds a smart and professional element to your job search.

A separate email box will limit exposure and protect your personal email address. All responses will be automatically forwarded to your personal e-mail account. The confidential box will also suppress your contact information within your profile.

You will need to remove your contact info from your resume and cover letter, We will not remove your contact info from your resume and/or cover letter. You receive all this for $19 additional.